Trainings Offered

Our goal is to tailor a training program to meet the specific needs of your staff and the individuals who they serve. To this end, we offer a continuum of trainings. Some schools and agencies simply want their staff to understand individuals with disabilities and challenging behaviors and to give them tools to support them in school, residential, home, vocational, and community settings. Other programs wish to teach their staff how to re-direct aggression and to keep themselves safe (you can choose not to intervene, but can’t always choose not to be involved). Where significant disruption and aggression occur, schools and agencies may decide to train their staff to escort or restrain students or adults who exhibit these behaviors.

We are not a one-size-fits-all training program. We work with you to understand your needs and to provide training that works for you and meets the regulations for your locale and program type. This might include an introductory interactive lecture with all of your staff, additional training for folks who are occasionally involved with your students or clients, and advanced training for those who interact regularly with individuals who may exhibit behaviors that are dangerous to themselves or others.

Some of the trainings offered:

Prevention & Program Planning

Preventive Positioning

Blocks, Re-direction, and Escape Techniques

One Person Escorts & Restraints

Two-Person Escorts and Restraints

Advanced Techniques

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